10 Best Museums in Delhi

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Museums in Delhi

Museums in Delhi: Delhi is a flawless mix of societies and conventions of the old and present-day India. Much like the iconic landmarks and other legacy structures, even the galleries in Delhi draw in individuals of various ages from around the globe. The museums in Delhi speak of the rich legacy of the state. If you have opted to visit from Mumbai to Delhi by train, then even better, since you can have a brush through the experience of zooming past the rich green and urban limits of Delhi that enhance its character to a great level.

1. National Museum

This exhibition hall is not overwhelmingly expansive, but rather brimming with wonderful qualities. It incorporates uncommon relics from the Harappan Civilization, Buddha’s fourth to fifth century BC impacts, ancient pieces from the Silk Route, dazzling works of art, wood carvings, materials, statues, musical instruments, and an ordinance with abhorrently practical weapons and a suit of shield for an elephant.

2. Air Force Museum

The Indian Air Force Museum shows a colossal gathering of planes and arsenal mirroring the Indian Air power history. It showcases the immense accomplishments of the Indian Air Force alongside the best of what it has contributed to the war and peace missions.

3. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

The former living space of Indira Gandhi is currently a historical center committed to the former Prime Minister’s life and family. It shows her belongings, including the blood-stained sari she was wearing when she was killed in 1984.

4. Red Fort Archaeological Museum

The Red Fort Archaeological Museum is majorly dedicated to Bahadur Shah Zafar, India’s last Mughal King. It showcases different amazing articles belonging to the Mughal period, such as calligraphy, antiques, works of art, materials, ensembles, and other such pieces.

5. Crafts Museum

Set up like a customary town, this enthralling crafts museum intends to protect the conventional specialties of India, from handloom weaving to Mithila wall paintings.

6. International Doll’s Museum

It has one of the biggest accumulations of ensemble dolls that snatch the attention of people of all age groups. Go to this museum with your kids or if you want to re-live your childhood. It has more than 6,500 dolls from eighty-five nations across the globe.

7. Gandhi Smriti

This impactful commemoration spot is the very place where Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead. Solid stairs lead to the spot where Gandhi heaved his last breath, set apart by a mini pavilion. In the room where Gandhi was lodged, you can see his tad belongings – a walking stick, a pair of Chappals, a spinning wheel, and his spectacles.

8. National Rail Museum

The National Rail Museum in Delhi speaks of India’s rail heritage and is set up with the objective of giving data about the historical backdrop of the railways of India. This historical center has an enchanting and selective accumulation of more than 100 life-size showcases of Indian Railways. Don’t mistake it for a real, nearest railway station to Delhi!

9. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Run by spearheading philanthropy that has done uncommon work conveying sanitation to the poor of India, this idiosyncratic museum displays toilet-related stuff dating from 2500 BC to present-day times.

10. National Science Centre Museum

The National Science Center is a noteworthy educational organization that is included in teaching individuals about the immense miracles of science. It displays the historical backdrop of design and houses working science shows.

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