Attractions Of Switzerland

Top 5 Main Attractions Of Switzerland

Switzerland is a perfect escape towards romanticism and is considered one of the mesmerizing tourist destinations. The natural beauty of the magnificent Alps, Gushing lakes, scenic villages, hustling cities, and sky-kissing towering castles are all that Switzerland offers to tourists. If you want to explore this wonderful country below is a list of some best places and Attractions Of Switzerland


It is one of the beautiful cities in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This place is known for many things like cutlery, lakeside view, watches, and chocolate. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy this place as it is a green city and it is even reputed with the name ‘city of parks’. One can explore this city on a bike ride or on a boat ride on Lake Geneva. The major attractions are the Cathedral of St. Pierre and the United Nations headquarters.


Zurich - Attractions Of Switzerland

It is the largest city in Switzerland and is famous for its keen interest in culture for a long because this city has more than 50 museums and about 100 art galleries. When visitors get bored with the usual things like sightseeing and shopping then one can visit Lake Zurich and can enjoy hiking on the nearest mountains. If you want to gather information about Switzerland’s cultural history, then you can explore the Swiss National Museum which is located in Fairytale castle. This city has many clubs as well for the party freaks who want to enjoy out at night.

Jungfrau Region

This place is pleasant in both winter and summer. Earlier this Alps region was only visited by the ones who have an interest in hiking or can climb through the mountains. One can reach here now through the amazing network of railways or by foot or bike paths. Now this place is accessible to almost every type of tourist. Jungfrau region has 4 scenic towns that are Murren, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and Grindelwald. This place is a must-visit if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland.


Lugano - Attractions Of Switzerland

The nickname of this place is “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” because this place is popular amongst celebrities. This city is located in the Italian-speaking region of Lake Lugano. This place is warm in summer and is home to several museums and a large number of Swiss heritage sites and has three cathedrals and two libraries. This place is popular among tourists because the city hosts the Lugano Festival and it is home to many financial institutions


It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Switzerland. The major attraction of this place is because of its fresh mountain air and spa treatments. This place not only is popular for tourist resorts but because it offers spectacular views of 3 famous mountain ranges that is the Jungfrau, the Monch, and the Eiger. This place is also famous for outdoor activities and if you want to tempt your taste buds then you can try “Raclette” a Swiss dish made from cheese.

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