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Top 20 Best Beaches In Goa

Top 20 Best Beaches In Goa

Top 20 Best Beaches In Goa

Top 20 Best Beaches In Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India but it is a state that fulfills the desire of all tourists, mainly Goa beaches which attract a large number of tourists and Goa has many beaches but there are some beaches which Surprised where tourists can enjoy the natural beauty, the arrangement of food, the good guest rooms, 

The hotels in a low budget and with it the dancing and parties in the pub near the beach at night, make the trip to Goa exciting and entertaining, so today I am in front of you I have brought a list of something like this which will be helpful in your search for a good beach in Goa.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa. This place is the closest to tourists in Goa. The sea near this beach, lying on the shore, everyone dreams in the bright light of the sun which this beach of Goa fulfills. At the same time, you can also take a salt bath with the salt the water of the sea. Baga Beach is one of the famous beaches.

This beach is very big where the giant waves of the sea collide and this view can be seen at any time, it is from the favorite beaches of tourists in Goa all day It also gets to see a crowd of domestic and foreign tourists, apart from this it also provides good views in the night, during the night time, there are parties in the night club, and many restaurants and luxury hotels make them tourists. Attracts one of the famous beaches in Goa, Baga Beach is a must-visit.

Candolim beach

This beach is famous for the sandy backdrop along the coastline, this beach is very close to Goa’s capital Panaji, this beach attracts fewer tourists than Baga Bitch but it is a great place for nature’s secluded view and North Goa. 

According to the best beach in the world, it is a magnificent beach, it does not get so crowded and noisy, due to this it provides a calm atmosphere due to the rain between June and September, the atmosphere and scenic beauty are increased. 

At this time you should not go close to the sea. The best time to visit here is from October to February, the weather is very pleasant to visit here, which attracts tourists and you will get a bus, taxi or Ola, Uber from Panaji.

Calangute Beach

Goa is a famous beach for tasting the local seaside food of Goa, this beach is quite famous among foreign tourists, this beach is the largest beach in Goa where you get to see the shimmering sand in the sun. The coast is situated on the banks of Calangute city of Goa and this city is also named after this beach, 

On this beach, tourists enjoy seafood but most tourists come here during Christmas and New Year. Foreign tourists come and this is the best time to visit from October to February. Traveling in the meantime has been a great journey and Vasco de Gama is the closest place to reach here. So have a Christmas here.

Sinkerim  beach

Talking about the beautiful beaches in Goa, Sinkerim the beach is the best beach in it, which attracts tourists with its beauty in Goa, this beach is a good place to do water sports, the sandy background near it enhances its beauty even more.

 If you also want to play sports in the water, then this beach is a great place and after doing all the work you will feel very tired, for that, you can go to the food stall and have some taste, then see the beauty of the beach in Goa. But definitely go to this middle.

Arambol Beach

This beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa, where you must go once. This beach is suitable for those tourists who do not have a budget for holidays in Goa. It is a spectacular beach in North Goa. A beach is a place of splendid views, accommodation and excellent food options, famous beaches in Goa. One of the beaches is a great place for low-budget tourists to enjoy their holidays here. Seeing the attraction of the sea waves is really a great sight for the eyes. It has a good climate throughout the year, so one can visit here anytime.

Dona Paula beach

Goa is one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the year, this beach was famous for fishing earlier but gradually the interest of this place started increasing in the minds of tourists and the famous beach of Goa. Has been made. 

Where there are many types of views related to nature, it is such a beach in Goa, where there is a crowd of tourists throughout the year, the climate of the environment is favorable throughout the year, but the monsoon time travel here to see some of the beautiful views of nature. Is the best for Food and drink is available here and apart from this you can shop here.

Vagator Beach

This beach is the best beach for nature-loving tourists in Goa. From here the beauty of nature can be seen. This beach is also famous for its greenery and this greenery promotes natural beauty here. This beach is also divided into two parts here. But spend some quiet and relaxing moments and keep the mind calm by looking at the clean and serene environment here. 

The chateau of this beach is red, on which one can enjoy the sunset time. The best time to visit here is summer when the sea in summer. The cool waves and natural beauty will automatically make you a famous tourist destination of Goa. It can be reached by air from other cities of India, the nearest airport is Dabolim, from where Ola can reach here in 1 hour by Uber.

Anjuna Beach

Goa is a splendid tourist destination and is very famous for its beaches. It includes Anjuna Beach which is famous for its palm trees and sand sea, besides it is also famous for night parties and exotic culture dances. 

There is also a weekly flea market that attracts a large number of tourists and sometimes its beauty is astounded and the rock structure that awakens the new feel of Goa is the best time to visit here in October. It is from February to February, in which you can see both the fall and the flowers coming back, you can reach here easily. Buses, taxis, and cabs can help you with this, so spend some happy moments here.

Palolem beach

If you want to see some maritime attractions in South Goa, away from the crowded environment, then this beach is one of the best beaches in Goa and if you like to play some water in the sea, then this place is great for you because here The strong currents of water do not hit the edges, the beach is a great environment for photography, apart from this, one of the things that tourists like very much here is The Silent Night Disco which is made without noise, which makes the sound shiny If not, then if you are thinking of going in the meantime, then do not miss it.

Colva Beach

 This beach is situated on the banks of the village Colva and Goa Goa is one of the most famous beaches, if you want to enjoy a pub and party, then you will not get to see a good place from this place in Goa, this beach is spread over 2.4km. 

Which offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea in front of tourists. This beach is surrounded by vast wastelands. It is also famous as a party beach in Goa. It also has a budget hotel and guest house, besides coconut trees. Those who provide relief in the heat of the sun and provide attractive views, then Colva beach is a good place to provide excellent enjoyment.

Patnam beach

It is a magnificent beach which is famous for business activities, this beach is located just 5 km away from Palolem beach, apart from this the beach is very busy and provides nightly musical enjoyment and here is golden silver and travel. You can shop for related material, which is also famous for Ayurvedic medicines.

Other 9 beaches in Goa where you can go and enjoy

  • Benaulim Beach
  • Agoda Beach, 
  • Cavelosim Beach, 
  • Chapora Beach, 
  • Majorda Beach, 
  • Mandaram Beach, 
  • Miramar Beach, 
  • Mobor Beach, 
  • Varka Beach

 The Conclusion Best Beaches In Goa 

Touring all the beaches in Goa is a bit difficult but there are some good beaches that attract famously and tourists in Goa. I hope that this list will be helpful for you and if you find something lacking in it, then you can comment and tell.