cities with amazing temples

Top 10 cities with amazing temples

There are a lot of people out there who are traveling with the sole purpose of finding their spirituality, or maybe they want to learn about other religions. That is why they go to places where religion and spiritual things are put on a pedestal. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such locations. All you have to do is a little research. The first location that comes to mind is India. Everyone knows that India is a country where you can find several temples in a single city. However, that does not mean you cannot find temples someplace else. In fact, here are 10 locations where you will find the most amazing places of worship.

10. Amritsar, India

When it comes to India, there is no surprise that you find hundreds of temples. The ones in Amritsar are definitely worth mentioning. The Durgiana Temple is one of the temples you should visit while in the area. It is an enormous site with a lake and beautiful surroundings. You will surely enjoy the experience. The Tarn Taran Sahib is the largest Sarovar in India. It is opulent, like many other temples in India, but it is worth seeing. It is considered to be the most sacred place for Sikhs, but it makes for a wonderful sightseeing. You cannot go to Amritsar without visiting the Tarn Taran Sahib. The Gurudwara Bir Baba Budha Sahib is just as opulent as the previous religious site. It is a significant religious place, but it is very beautiful as well. The Goindwal Sahib is one of the people’s favorite. It is massive, and you will find many devotees there because it is a very spiritual place, but the sights are not something you could overlook. The place is very clean, and the surroundings are spotless.

9. Wroclaw, Poland

Poland is one of the countries that offer the most magnificent churches. A few of them can be found in Wroclaw. The first one that will draw your attention is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It is an imposing structure, but the most impressive aspect is the stained glass. People from all over come to admire it. Some of them have been recently restored, and the colors are simply stunning. The Church of St. Elizabeth is an impressive Catholic church located in the heart of the city. There is a chapel on the right side of the altar which is considered the most sacred place. It is a quiet, peaceful place where you can go and say a prayer or maybe just admire the inside of the building. If you want, you can climb the tower for an amazing view of the city. However, there are 300 steps, which may prove to be a bit difficult if your legs cannot take it. Last but not least, the St. Mary Magdalene Church is a renowned landmark in Wroclaw. The building has two towers, and most people like the bridge that connects them. You get a fantastic view of the city, and the overall experience is worth the climb.

8. Cairo, Egypt

Everyone knows Cairo for the Gizeh Plateau. It is indeed a magnificent place, and the pyramids are something that you must see at least once in your life. However, the great pyramids are not the only attractions in Cairo. You can also visit the Saqqara Pyramids. Hire a guide and explore the history of one of Egypt’s oldest pyramids. The Mohamed Ali Mosque is an imposing structure that you can visit. It is considered the heart of the citadel and it is beautiful inside and out. It may be crowded, but the place is still quiet and peaceful. It is amazing how so many people from all around the world can show their respect at the same time. The Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan are just as impressive. It is a magnificent structure that has beautiful architecture. The Cave Church may not be as grand as the previous attractions, but it certainly has its charm. It is carved in stone, and the experience you have is unforgettable. Few people know about this gem, but it is definitely worth seeing.

7. Tirupur, India

Tirupur is another region in India that has many temples you can visit, but two of them stand out. The first is Avinashi Temple. Strangely enough, if you do not know any better, you could compare the building with a Maya site. The pyramid-like structures are beautiful, and they are worth the visit. It is a peaceful place, and the locals consider it a sacred site. The second is the Arulmigu Kadu Anumantharaya Swamy Temple. It is not big or opulent like many temples in India, but it has a particular charm that you cannot find everywhere.

6. Ranchi, India

You do not even have to enter Ranchi that you will be able to see the Jagannath Temple. It is enormous and has an interesting architecture. For some reason, the place is very relaxing, and you get this feeling of peace. Some people go there just because there is a great view of the city. The Deori Mandir will impress you with its colorful aspect. It is a small temple, but it has a great spiritual value for the locals. You can find it in an isolated place, but the surroundings are worth seeing. Many devotees go there every day to worship Goddess Durga. The Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Math is most beautiful at night when all the lights are turned on. It gives you a nice feeling of peace and serenity, and the lights look more like candles than light bulbs. The Sun Temple is like something you have never seen before. It resembles a large chariot with 18 wheels and seven horses. There are many tourists around, you can buy a lot of souvenirs, and the surroundings are beautiful.

5. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

If you ever find yourself in Indonesia, there are four temples that are a ‘must see.’ The first one is Sewu Temple. It has an unbelievable architecture. Every sculpture seems very complicated, and the two statues at the entrance could not be more imposing. It is a Hindu temple built in the 8th century. It has been restored recently, but the overall look is fantastic. It is something out of this world. The second temple is Plaosan Temple. At first glance, you could say it resembles a pile of rocks. However, when you get closer, you can admire its beauty. The entire area looks like a computer rendition. The third is Ratu Boko Temple. It is more of a historic site rather than a temple, but it is worth visiting. The beautiful scenery is something that you have to witness, especially at sunset. Last but not least, the Ijo Temple comes with beautiful surroundings. No matter how many pictures you take, the real experience is hard to top. You have to hike a bit until you reach the place, but in the end, everything will have been worth it. You can also get a great view of the surrounding area.

4. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu - cities with amazing temples

The first location you should visit when you reach Kathmandu is the Boudhanath Stupa. It is an impressive religious site that is mostly admired from afar. The best moment to visit is in the evening because during the day it gets very hot. If you like, you can enjoy the sunset sipping a cold drink at one of the many bars that surround the Stupa. Swayambhunath Temple is just as marvelous as the Stupa. One common aspect you will notice about the two are the colorful flags. Both temples are decorated with the said flags. The most popular attraction is the fact that there are monkeys everywhere. The entire place looks beautiful, and the view is spectacular.

3. Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

In Yangon, you will find temples with complicated architecture. They have many details, but they look amazing. The Botahtaung Pagoda is the perfect example. The exterior is red and gold, and the style of the roof is stunning. The place itself is incredible, and the atmosphere is peaceful. This temple is a ‘must visit’ if you ever find yourself in Yangon. The Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda is just as impressive as the previous location. When you enter the temple, you need to have your feet bare, and there is a dress code. Your knees and shoulders have to be covered. The gardens around the pagoda are also beautiful. The Sule Pagoda has every chance of blinding you in a sunny day. The golden roof stands out from afar, and you can find the same complicated details in its architecture. It is a peaceful, charming place that must be added to your ‘must visit’ list. Among all those temples, you can also find a Catholic church. The St. Mary’s Cathedral has a beautiful façade, and the towers are tall enough to be spotted from afar. You should definitely go there for an hour or two. Do not forget to visit the gardens as well.

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Most people go to Siem Reap to visit the ancient ruins. There are plenty of them. However, you can find some temples as well. The Baphuon Temple is a stunning structure. It is very old, but that is the first thing you notice. The stone is worn and gives you a strange feeling. It has a lot of sculptures. While there, do not forget to visit the reclining Buddha. Ta Keo looks just as old as the Baphuon Temple. The temple is a ruin, but it is an amazing place to see. Be careful of the steps, however. They are very steep, which is why you should not go up unless you feel capable of doing it. The beauty of Ta Nei lies with its surroundings. Just like any landmark in Siem Reap, the place is a ruin, but the sights are breathtaking. The location is not visited by many tourists, which makes it even better. The Wat Bo Temple has small towers of different colors, which most people find interesting. The place is quiet because there are not many visitors, and the sights are beautiful. It is definitely something you should see.

1. Raipur, India

The beauty of India is that you can place your finger anywhere on its map and you can be sure that you find several temples. You can find multiple sacred sites in Raipur, but you will not be able to visit them all. However, there are a few that stand out. One of them is Shri Rajiv Lochan Mandir. It is a Krishna temple located 40 km near the city. It is a beautiful location, there is a river near the structure, and the building itself is breathtaking. You can tell that it is old, the rock has been worn out by time, but it is still a beautiful thing to look at. The carvings are very interesting, and the feeling you get is simply amazing. The Jatmai Temple, on the other hand, is mesmerizing. There are few temples in the world that look as beautiful as this one. The combination of the surroundings and the buildings is perfect. The white stone goes perfectly with the green around. Not to mention that there is a waterfall on the premises, which only manages to make the experience even better. The Keval Dham Jain Temple is another location worth visiting. The symmetry of the place and the surrounding area have a particular charm that you will never be able to forget. The architecture is flawless. The location is simply divine; there are not words to describe it.


You do not have to be a religious person to appreciate the value and significance of a temple. They are beautiful places to visit, and no matter what religion you are, you will feel peaceful whichever temple you go into. The places described above will offer that peace of mind you need, and the experiences are unforgettable.

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