Forests in the World

Top 8 Forests in the World

The larger part of the world is covered by dense forests, but some of the forests are a bit unique and mysterious, unlike others. Visit the gorgeous, mysterious, and unique forests of the world with and explore the charm and beauty of these below-mentioned forests which are a destination in themselves.

Rata Forest in New Zealand

Rata Forest is one of the unique forests in the world as it houses the Rata which is a type of tree in New Zealand. This forest is located on Enderby Island and the whole forest is filled with gnarled trees and trunks. This forest is one of the scenic places which you can explore on a New Zealand tour.

Stanton Moor in UK

This is one of the most spectacular forests in the world and is located in Stanton Moor which is in the northern part of England. This forest is one of the most scenic and beautiful forests in the world which is filled with bright colorful flowers and a lush green aura.

Black Forest in Germany

This forest of Germany is one of the most gorgeous forests and this forest has lots of mysteries and myths associated with it. This forest has an image of fairy tales and horror. Here one can also find a lot of stunning hiking trails.

Crooked Forest in Poland

This forest is located just outside Nowe Czarnowo in Poland and people are still in mystery why the trees of this forest are curved in the same shape. The same curve of all the trees of this forest is a mystery that many people want to unfold.

Goblin Forest in New Zealand

Goblin Forest in New Zealand - Forests in the World

The name of the forests itself speaks its story. This is truly a place that will give you goosebumps if at your visit here in night. The area where this forest is located is prone to rainfall and that’s why all the trees of this region are covered with moss which gives the trees a goblin makeover. The trees of the forest include miro, mountain totara and kamahi, the trees are covered with moss throughout the 12 months and that’s why this forest is one of the most famous forests in the world.

Moss Swamp in Romania

The exact location of this mossy forest is not known. Romania is filled with magnificent mountains and scenic forests; you just have to search a bit if you want to visit this mysterious moss swamp.

Otzarreta Forest in Spain

This forest is located in the Basque Country in Spain and this forest is a stunning part of the famous Gorbea National Park. The scenic aura of the forest is so alluring and people visit here often. Moreover, the trees in this forest are bit weird and have crazy shapes.

Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania

The Hoia-Baciu Forest is one of the most haunted forests and is also called the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”. It is also said that people have also seen UFOs and ghosts in the forest although no one is sure.

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