Haunted Places of Kolkata

Top Five Haunted Places of Kolkata

From my Childhood, I spent many nights on different haunted houses in West Bengal. But in the capital of West Bengal, there are so many famous haunted houses and places. I want to spend a little word on each of them. Though I know there is nothing scary now days and I know real scary places in Kolkata but definitely they are not famous like those now I cam going to write.

Hastings House

Old residence of governor general of British India. First governor general Warren Hastings built this house. Every new year night, Warren Hastings’s ghost come in a horse-drawn coach. Why? Because after returning England, he was impeached for corruption. He forgot to take his supporting documents when he leaves India. he is still searching for those documents that could have saved him that time. Another a ghost of a horse, once upon a time that won many races in the race course beside the house. he was shot dead by his lord, after losing a race.

National Library Kolkata

Once this was the residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. Guards are said to be heard Governor’s wife footstep at night. Some lost souls of students who couldn’t complete their study are reported to be seen at night there.

Park Street Cemetry

Definitely, I will not argue anything about it. Because either ghost is there or not, but it feels really creepy from the evening. Though guards tell everything about it’s is completely rumour. But definitely they lie, because any people have seen old spirits, haunts there at night. They panicked from their presence.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro

Kolkata metro tragically becoming a suicide spot. Almost every week in the daytime there is some bad happenings in metro stations. The Rabindra Sarobar metro station is probably seen most suicides. Some daily passengers, who returns in last metro have complained eerie feelings. Some complained to have seen spirit strolling in the station and disappeared in front of them.

Writers Building kolkata

From where the rulers of West Bengal control the state, that has also the haunted reputation. In British time this was actually a writer’s mess. That’s why it is called Writer’s Building. Those who have worked on the top floor just ran before 5PM with out any hesitation. Real funny. isn’t?

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