South America From Canada

How To Get To South America From Canada

Canadians represent a large portion of those backpacking South America. To make it easier for Canadians planning to travel to South America directly without any hassle or discomfort, some airlines offer new routes and direct flights to attract South American tourists to use their airlines. This has made air travel from different cities in Canada to various locations in South America a lot easier. Now, travelers won’t be on a grueling journey of long layovers with lots of stops.

Depending on where you live, you may still need to take a connecting flight. Whether you have been vacationing in a Canadian timeshare resort, hotel, bed, and breakfast, or are a local, you can take advantage of the routes provided by airlines from major cities of Canada that offer the least amount of hassle and the fastest route to South America.

From Toronto:

Toronto - South America From Canada

For those going to Ontario airports, direct flights from Toronto are available via Air Canada to Lima, Peru. Three flights are scheduled per week and the airline offers various packages in terms of round trip cost. Air Canada also offers three direct flights per week from Toronto to Bogotá, Colombia.

Direct flights to Rio aren’t available; there is a minimum of one stopover if the South American tourist wants to visit Brazil. Air Canada, American Airlines, and Delta all offer routes to Rio, but connecting flights must be taken during each of these routes. The American Airlines route makes a stopover at JFK, New York. Delta Airlines makes a stopover in Atlanta before heading to Rio.

Flights to Buenos Aires also have at least one stopover. Both Air Canada (stopover at Santiago) and US Airways (stopover at Washington) offer routes to Buenos Aires. Air Canada has a direct route to Santiago, Chile. Flights are scheduled six times a week in various round-trip packages.

COPA offers flights from Toronto, with connections to all major South America hubs (and then some) via Panama City, Panama.

From Vancouver:

For those going to British Columbia airports, passengers will need to take at least one connecting flight. With Air Canada, you’ll need to at least pass through Toronto to get to the major South America hubs of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, and Sao Paulo.

On a United Airlines flight, Vancouver residents will travel via one of their hubs, Newark or Houston, to get to South America. Depending on the end destination, travelers may need to endure two connecting flights, passing through Denver, Chicago, or San Francisco as well as Houston.

Flights from Vancouver to the continent via Delta Airlines will stop in Atlanta. American Airlines flies to Rio and Sao Paulo via Dallas, Lima via Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires and Santiago via either LA or Dallas.

From Montreal:

As with Vancouver, those coming from Montreal will need to fly via Toronto on all Air Canada flights. On Delta, travelers will pass through Atlanta, and on US Airways, fliers will have a connection in Charlotte, North Carolina. American Airlines passengers will have a stop in either New York or Miami to get to all the major South American cities.

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