Oceania – Discover The Cook Islands

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Oceania - Discover The Cook Islands

Travel to the blue “planet” in the Pacific, one of the most distant island states, northeast of New Zealand and discover the Cook Islands: white sand, clear-blue waters, volcanic stones, and untouched nature in the most luxurious holiday spot of the planet.

 The lagoon of Aitutaki has the most beautiful water you’ll ever see.

The satellite photo from space shows a beautiful blue planet, three-quarters of which are covered by the sea. In this larger blue ocean, Pacific island nations are scattered, like small dots with exotic names. There are few places on Earth where their beauty can be compared with that of the Pacific islands. The Cook Islands, with a land of 240 sq. km., distributed in 15 islands and a vast sea area of ​​2,000,000 sq. km. lies in the center of the Polynesian triangle discovered by James Cook in 1773 and gave them their name.

 In «Pacific Resort» in Rarotonga, you can enjoy the fusion of five-star luxury with the wild beauty of nature. I arrive at the airport in the capital Avarua, on Rarotonga, the largest of the southern and most tourist group of islands Cook at 2.30 in the morning. After the formalities and with a flower necklace for ‘ welcome ‘ go straight to sleep in a little house on the beach. You can choose Muri to be your basis, the most beautiful part of the clear blue lake, created by the coral reef that surrounds the Round Rarotonga. Four green islands lie just 200 meters from the coast in. The national food is Ika Mata, raw yellow tuna with vegetables, served in a coconut.

In the next days of your holidays, visit the island of Aitutaki, 220 km north of Rarotonga. It has been voted as the most beautiful beach in Oceania and Asia. In the mornings you can visit the beautiful Honeymoon Island. Originally, it was deserted since 1973 but had a grove of palm trees and tourists started coming here to swim and to get married following the tradition of a local custom: the couple wants to plant a coconut to give roots to its marriage. Bright turquoise colors and snowy endless beaches are brown in some places. Snorkeling at motu One foot is fascinating with hundreds of colorful angelfish gathering around you to feed them, giant oysters exist in colonies blinking fleshy blue or purple lips, and corals in yellow, green, and purple colors resemble a giant kaleidoscope. The Fire Dancers of Aitutaki is indeed unique.

The best restaurant on the island is “Te tupuna” where the chef cooks with coconut, chili, and lemongrass! Over and above all, we suggest you don’t miss the sunset when the lake becomes full of colors like magic.

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