Places in the World for SkyDiving

Top 10 Amazing Places in the World for SkyDiving

It’s a fact that man will never be able to fly; it is the aircraft, shuttle, capsule, hot air balloon, parachute, or helicopter which flies but never a man. God put men on the top among all living creatures, he taught men to walk, and he even taught men how to swim but he didn’t make it possible for men to fly. Ever thought about why? God placed man on the land so that they could always aim for sky. Life becomes inconsequential when a person has nothing to dream about or nothing to desire; God knew that a man would always need something to fight for until the day he breathes his last. Even a billionaire thinks that there are things that he still has to achieve. God placed men on the land so that they could look at the sky for inspiration.

When a person assumes that he has everything in life, he looks up at the sky and says, ”no there is yet a lot more to come”. Everyone wants to reach the sky, although it is a quote but human takes that seriously too. There are people who technically want to touch the sky; through skydiving.

Skydiving was invented in 1797 and the very first skydiving event was recorded in the air in 1887. Skydiving is a sport in which the person jumps from a height of 3 thousand to 13 thousand feet, the person remains in free-fall for a while that is he floats In the sky and then we he reaches the ground he opens the parachute to secure his landing. This whole episode lasts for 5 to 7 minutes but these few minutes can be the most amazing experience of your life. All you need to do is to put your fear aside and let the wind carry you; for once in your life forget who you are, what you do, and from where you have come, just enjoy whatever nature is providing you with.

For skydiving you need to have a suitable locus; the more beautiful location you choose, the more pleasant skydiving becomes for you. There are many regions in the world that can serve a suitable place for skydiving; the top 10 are

Kamchtaka Peninsula, Russia:

Flying in the sky is one thing but flying on the sky above the ocean is a completely different thing. The geography of Kamchatka is bestowed with beautiful mountains and is rich in vegetation. If you choose this peninsula for skydiving you will be flying above the ocean and you will also get to experience the cool breeze of the sea along with the scent of vegetation and the essence of the mountains. Kamchatka’s charm can be increased thousand times if you watch the episode of the state from a height of 5000 feet or so.

Victoria Falls, Africa:

Victoria Falls is the point at which the river Zambezi begins to flow vertically instead of flowing horizontally. The altitude of this fall is 355 feet. Victoria fall comes under the list of the most exquisite, dazzling, and ravishing sights of nature. Victoria fall’s serene allure is breathtaking and divine. It feels great to see that you are up in the sky while the water is falling down, Skydiving itself is tranquilizing but the sight of Victoria fall makes it, even more, composed and sedate.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand:

Graceful mountains fully embodied with snow, chilly wind, romantic weather, and an enticing landscape is what New Zealand is all about. Fox Glacier is a massive slab of ice parked at Westland Tai Poutini National Park in New Zealand. New Zealand is rendered to a bewitching sketch of a forest as well. Fox glacier provides the perfect sight for skydiving.

Seville, Spain:

Seville is a large city positioned at the River of Guadalquivir in Spain along the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s climate is extreme; is very hot and sunny in summer and mild in winter. Skydiving in Seville gives the pleasant sight of the Atlantic Ocean and one also gets to enjoy the weather. Skydiving in a sunny atmosphere has its own mesmerism.

Sao Paulo, North America:

Sao Paulo is the largest state of Brazil in North America. This place is a hotbed for visitors as an outsider won’t be able to adjust to the temperature with ease. This state is very much admired for its architecture, especially the tall buildings and massive gardens. It real fun to see sighting the view from a height of a few thousand feet, also the hot temperature provides a real charm to skydiving.

Interlaken, Switzerland:

Interlaken - Places in the World for SkyDiving

Interlaken is squeezed between two lakes; Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. Skydiving enriches a person’s memory with the exquisite beauty of the lakes. Furthermore, the mountains at Interlaken are simply stunning and can make a person spellbound for several minutes. The landscape is an absolute incarnation of heaven.

Le-Marche Mountain, Italy:

Le-Marche is the center of attention for every tourist in Italy. The place has everything; art, ancient amphitheaters, architecture, a beach, Renaissance palaces, hill stations, coasts, and mountains. Being at le-Marche there is nothing else you can ask forever in your life. The place is such a beauty that you would never want to go home. Being able to see this picture from such a height can be a real blessing.

Hawaii, USA:

Who needs an introduction to Hawaii; it’s the dream place of every living human. It would be unfair to forget Hawaii when one speaks of skydiving. Hawaii is blessed with mountains, ocean, valleys, volcanoes sunsets, tradition, ravishing delicacies everything. If there is a place that can bring you peace, it’s only Hawaii. If you need to make your skydiving experience perfect, Hawaii is the name.

Mount Everest, Nepal:

The main cause of skydiving is touching the sky because it’s the highest aim. Well, if you need to get on the top how can a person ever forget the highest peak in the world; Mount Everest? Mount Everest is the highest mountain of the world and is situated in Nepal. Nepal’s beauty cannot be put into words, the lowlands are simply amazing. The hills have an altitude of 12 thousand feet; it is much higher than the height a person chooses for skydiving. If you go to Nepal for skydiving, be ready for the competition; it is either you or the mountains.

Wollongong, Australia:

Australia provides you with the best place for skydiving. The place is technically an island situated along the coast and it is a very magnificent place for skydiving. The beauty is simple and blatantly flawless. It would be a sin if you think of skydiving and you forget to consider the landscape of Wollongong. The weather is more than perfect; not too cold, not too hot, just moderate temperature. The skydiving agencies are excellent there; you can enjoy skydiving just above the beach in Sydney

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