Romantic Things to Do in Barcelona

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Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular short-break destinations. It is a big city, yet a long weekend is the ideal amount of time for a visit. If you add the fact that the weather is usually quite nice all year round and that there are beaches, you have a potentially great destination for a romantic weekend away. Let’s look at options for romantic things to do during your weekend in Spain’s second city.

A nice idea is to explore and get to know the city on a small scooter. There is no other way that allows you to be this close together while making your way through the city. When you are doing this, there are several recommended spots to visit. The first and foremost place for a stop is La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s famous and enormous cathedral. You should go to the top – there is a lift – and enjoy the views together. Looking out over the city from one of the bell towers is definitely something you will remember. A spiral staircase takes you down. If you need one, this is an ideal excuse to hold hands!

The next suggested place to go to is the Passeig de Colom in Port Vell. Here you can go for a seafront walk, lined with palm trees, which is incredibly beautiful and romantic during sunset. When the sun has set, head towards a tapas restaurant for dinner. You won’t have to search for long; they are everywhere. However, a highly recommended place for tapas is Cera 23. Make sure to make a reservation though.

If you can’t get enough of walking, you can always go to the beach or to a park. What about a picnic in Parc de la Ciutadella? Not a lot of things are more romantic than a picnic under a large tree, with live flamenco music in the background. You can buy your fresh food at Mercat de Santa Caterina or Mercat de la Boqueria.

Talking about flamenco music; the Spanish people are famous for their passionate dances. A suggested activity to do for couples is taking a dance class and learning how to dance salsa or flamenco. You could, of course, also go watch other people dance while enjoying a glass of Spanish wine.

A very romantic place in Barcelona is the Magic Fountains of Montjuïc. They are located in front of the Barcelona Palace and there are light and music shows on Friday and Saturday evenings. Another water-related activity is going on a cruise. Barcelona is located on the shore of the blue Mediterranean Sea. You have a lot of cruise options, from sunset cruises to jazz cruises and catamaran cruises for two. Just imagine being the captain of your own boat for an afternoon and hitting the sea with just the two of you.

For a short break in Barcelona, the best option is to stay in the central city so you can enjoy all those romantic late-night walks and long leisurely outdoor dinners. As well as considering brands you know, local chains such as HCC offer affordable options e.g., HCC St. Moritz**** (in Barcelona). You won’t spend much time in your hotel so there is no point in paying a fortune. Try to adjust your body clock to stay up late, so that you can make the most of the warm Barcelona evenings.

Getting to and around Barcelona is easy. It can easily be reached by air from pretty much any decently sized European city, as well as from major cities around the globe. Barcelona has an airconditioned metro, with 6 color-coded lines. Another somewhat romantic for short trips 3 wheel cycle taxis. The tram can be romantic when it’s not crowded.

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