Sam Sand Dunes Tour of Rajasthan

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Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes, 42 absent km from Jaisalmer, is the most common excursion to determine the complete sandy bush much less desert. It has a genuinely glorious stretch of sweeping sand dunes. It is best to become here at sunrise or sunset, and lots of camel safaris invest an evening on the dunes. The most effective method to see this and other attractions about Jaisalmer is to get a came safari. The regular trip lasts for 4 days and 3 nights and provides the chance to discover the region in a genuine and leisurely style, with entertainment by folk performers, visits to villages, and chatter from colorful guides thrown in. Having said that you are able to also day trip and go by car. Hordes of tourists arrive just before sunset. Camels may be hired quickly and also you may well be able your favorite photo having a lone camel on a desert track and also the setting sun within the backdrop. Regardless of the tourist throng, the location has not misplaced its magic. The desert festival held occasionally in February every year is a massive draw and it is filled with fun, color, laughter, cultural events, and competitions.

Desert Adventure Safari Tour in Jaisalmer

Unquestionably the most effectively-known vacation spot in Jaisalmer after the ‘golden fort’, the Sam Sand dunes really are a tourist scorching spot in far more methods than 1. 3km long, 1km vast and as a lot as half kilometer higher, the dunes are as treacherous as they’re scenic. Should you opt for a camel ride stay extremely near to your Laika (manual) as only he can maneuver you by way of the quicksand, which has sucked many an unwary goat to its gruesome death. There’s no vegetation right here as well as the swirling winds are almost as intensive because of the khamsins (sandstorms) in the Sahara.

Sam Sand Dunes-A Picturesque Spot

On the other hand, we do not desire to dissuade you too significantly from going to the area – the Sam dunes are also the most picturesque spot about Jaisalmer, and perhaps the whole of western Rajasthan. Sitting there inside the night using the sun setting, listening to the ballads of the legendary lovers Moomal and Mahendra around the jew’s harp or the north (a traditional musical instrument), you may feel that time has arrived to a grinding halt. The silken easy sands of Sam look like a tale out of The Merchant of Venice and camel safaris are significantly in vogue right here. An overnight trip to the area is a must should you genuinely want to enjoy all of the sights and sounds, the ruins, and the temples. Sleeping out inside the open, stretched out on the sands even though dealing with the twinkling sky is an out-of-the-planet experience. Numerous a tourist has fallen in adore using the haunting elegance of the dunes – there is a definite aura of romance about it.

Desert Festival Tour of Jaisalmer Rajasthan

The Sam Dunes truly come alive during the desert festival with a sound and light exhibit, and gala spectacles of dance and music that will reverberate in your ears long right after you might have heard it.

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