Scuba Diving in Lapu-Lapu

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in Lapu-Lapu

Adventurous travellers to the Philippines can enjoy the idyllic scenery of Lapu Lapu’s famous scuba and snorkelling areas mere moments from town. This city has a thriving industrial and tourist economy and there are many historical monuments to observe after a hard day of scuba diving. The Cebu hotels in this region are accustomed to accommodating visitors with a love of enjoying recreational marine activities like snorkelling and diving. This area is easily accessible to world travellers who normally arrive via the nearby Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Scuba Diving in Lapu-Lapu

Diving schools can help beginners learn how to make the most of an underwater adventure. There are multilingual diving schools in Lapu Lapu that provide expert instruction, organised group voyages and safety equipment. Deep diving courses are available for adventurous travellers who wish to explore some of the amazing hidden treasures around the island. Enjoy the exotic marine life, the coral reefs and the unpredictable nature of the deep ocean.

Several kinds of snorkelling equipment can help you to have a safe and enjoyable expedition. The needed items may include stabilization jackets, wet suits, fins, aluminium tanks, air compressors, silicone masks and a variety of other nautical items. Working with a seasoned driving instructor from a reputable school is a good way for beginners to get a sense of the full potential of this adventure. The fast descent into the deep waters is another option that is only available for advanced divers who understand the terrain, the equipment and the risks. Many professionals who work at the hotels in Cebu can provide advice about the various equipment stores.

Hot Diving Spots

There are many great diving spots for snorkelling in the shallow waters or for diving in the deep areas around the island. Most of these areas are accessible within only 30 minutes and they will provide visitors with an adventure of a lifetime. For example, the Yapak diving site offers access to soft corals, abundant marine life and zones patrolled by various large fish. The Bat Cave is an amazing series of underwater caves and caverns. The Balinghai dive spot features colourful corals, easy diving conditions and a large variety of local fish populations. Lobster Rock is a safe diving area for novice divers. It is populated by many bright and colourful tropical fish. This is a great diving site for families with children.

Enjoying Your Stay in Lapu Lapu

There are many opportunities to enjoy the various amenities and attractions around Lapu-Lapu when you’re not busy scuba diving or snorkelling. For example, visitors can stroll around the island and enjoy the unique ambience of a local Taoist temple. There is a full-day Cebu mountain biking tour to enjoy when you need to stay dry for a few hours. The Radisson Blu Cebu is available for reservations and the friendly staff can always provide additional information to tourists, visitors and adventure-seekers who are coming to Cebu to experience the best snorkelling and diving opportunities in the Philippines.

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