exuberant place. Calm, tranquil and charming is what I can describe Sikkim as. Wandering through the narrow road I felt that perhaps this is the only place that I can look up to regain the balance of life that was missing and life was dull and dreary with the hectic official schedule. Gangtok- The adorable capital of Sikkim is mesmerizing and alluring with the valley and the spectacular view of the snow-capped peak of Kanchenjunga. The place with lush green forest and the constant gurgle of the fast flowing river makes the place like a paradise on earth. At the same time, the serene and somber nature gave the ambiance a holy feeling with monasteries around.


Situated on the west of Sikkim it is ideal for energetic trekkers and I found a bunch of them who were all so excited to start the adventurous journey to the inviting Kanchenjunga. I learned that this village is also known as the meeting place of the three Lamas. The epitome of natural beauty beholds the ancient and the oldest monastery of Sikkim.

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake - Sikkim

Better known as Changu Lake is nearly 38 km from Gangtok is one place you should not miss. I was spelled bounded by the scenic beauty and was wondering how exuberant it might be looking when it remains frozen during the winter. Since located at an altitude of 12,400 ft it is the highest lake in India. The time I visited the lake it looked wondrous with crystal clear reflections of its surrounding.

Nathula Pass

This is the famous silk route which is located at an altitude of 14,140 ft had remained the main trade route between India and Tibet till 1962. I was awestruck when I thought how silk and gold were sent to Tibet for trading purposes. The amazing Chomolhari peak of Bhutan is visible from the spot. Pelling – I was wondering how exciting Pelling is to the adventurous and spirited youth who are fond of kayaking, trekking, or rafting. Simply marvelous is the view of Pelling which is 7,200 ft above sea level. Other exciting attractions are the various waterfalls.


Lachung located at 8,610 ft from sea level is an exotic spot which is popular for the snow spot is intriguing. It is situated on the north of Sikkim is supported by the alluring beauty of the Lachung Chu River. The village with its impeccable beauty is known as Lachung Gompa. I would do anything to be here anytime I am asked to. 


The best place in Sikkim placed between the two amazing hills Maenam and Tendong. A beautiful town is the bridge between Gangtok and Pelling and is also frequented by trekkers. I was told that this is the best place for bird watchers and the rarest kinds of birds are found there. 

Rumtek Monastery

The largest monasteries in Sikkim also stand out to be the oldest. It was amazing to see the Dharma Chakra Centre out there. I was having a sensational feeling of awe, mystery as well as peace of mind. The relics of Buddha with amazing Buddhist architecture left me speechless. What I acquired visiting was the serenity of mind and feeling spiritually high. Namchi – It is said that Namchi in the Tibetan language means the top of the sky and I felt how correct the name was. The city is 1,675 meters above sea level and it is nearly 92 km from Gangtok. I found Namchi as one of the most splendid and gorgeous of all cities with the pure and calm Namchi Monastery backing it up. The 108 ft high statue of Lord Shiva is great and it pulls a large number of devotees here. The Do-Drul Chorten – Do Drul Chorten was initiated by Truslshi Rimpoche in the year in 1945 and stands out to be a great and prominent religious site in Sikkim. The Stupa is linked with 108 Mani Lhakor or the wheels which are used by the Buddhist pilgrims and it is believed that a link is built between the almighty and the person praying. These are the places I could cover in the trip and I wish to be there as I said to be away from drudging workload and pressure. The moment I feel that I need peace of mind would definitely run back to be in the folds of nature.

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