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Ten Questions Solo Female Travellers Are Sick Of Hearing

Ten Questions Solo Female Travellers Are Sick Of Hearing

Ten Questions Solo Female Travellers Are Sick Of Hearing

Ten Questions Solo Female Travellers Are Sick Of Hearing

Life can be more complicated than how it looks in the world of relationships. Not every single woman you meet is happy about her status they might appear to be from the outside. Next time you meet a solo woman traveling, be cautious about the questions you are going to ask her. You never know whether she has just gotten out of a very meaningful relationship that she never imagined would one day crumble, or has tried but not yet found the person of her dream and is constantly looking for answers as to why life is treating her that harshly.

During your interaction with any solo woman, be a gentleman by avoiding sensitive questions as discussed below:

Why are you alone?

You might not be having any ill will while asking this simple question, but you never know whether this solo female is asking the world that same question. Maybe she has just been thrown out of a relationship of her dreams or she perceives herself as a reject because no man seems to notice her. It is somehow unique to see a beautiful woman going solo in some cultures, but this question pisses off every single woman because either they do not know the answer, or the answer is the last thing they want to talk about.

Have you forgotten that this country is not safe for women?

Even though women are sometimes mistreated in some countries, you still get to find a large number of single women who are doing amazing in whatever business they are in. If a country has a bad system that promotes the violation of human rights, then being a victim is not unique to solo women alone, but everybody remains exposed to possible dangers. This question sounds like its sole purpose is to scare the woman. Be a person who encourages people.

Do you sometimes feel lonely?

Even if that is the case, you do not have to remind people of their problems all the time. In any case, feeling lonely does not mean you don’t have someone around you. Loneliness is just but a concept. A woman might also be homesick missing her children and husband and there you are struggling to make her situation worse.

Why dint you find anyone to accompany you?

C’mon, women do not find … they are found! Look, even if a woman has a prince charming for a lover, he cannot accompany her to every place she has to travel. Moreover, maybe, he is just waiting for her on the other side of the world. The woman might also be on a trip to share notes with her female friends, which obviously kicks out the relevancy of a man’s presence.

Will you ever settle down?

Who said that settling down is the proper way to live? And what do you mean when you say, “settling down” I don’t think it is about having a husband and a bunch of children if not staying at home on a Friday night. The life you love, want, and perceive as the best is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Why are you eating alone?

Because I have one mouth, silly! When you ask this question, it sends out a silent judgment on the solo female. It can mean that the woman is out to tap any available man. You can request to join her, which sounds civilized. This question can embarrass a woman, especially if many people overhear it.

Are you running from something?

Broken hearts need to be alone sometimes especially when you are undergoing a hard time resulting from a relationship. Touring the world may be motivated by frustrations that someone has undergone at their place of work, in their family, or relationship. Please leave them alone and let them recover if at all that is the case. It makes them braver and ready to face life again.

Are you not worried of being attacked?

It is true that women are vulnerable. Nevertheless, by asking this question, you sound as if you mean that she should not trust the world, including you but only her husband and no woman is safe when single. Anything bad can happen to anybody at any part of the world even in their matrimonial home. Women know how to take care of themselves when they are in strange cities, traveling alone.

Why aren’t you married?

This question is best reserved for people that you know very well. Asking a woman you just met why she isn’t married is not so cool, no. Everyone has a reason for doing whatever he or she is doing. Do not make it your business to know why.

Is there anything wrong with you?

There is of course something wrong with everybody starting with you. This question makes her blame herself for every misfortune that has befallen her even in her past life. You can even make her commit suicide by thinking that she is the cause of all her problems.