Nature Spots for Sightseeing in Argentina

Top 5 Nature Spots for Sightseeing in Argentina

Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Argentina. Along with a dynamic culture, and vibrant cities, Argentina offers some of the best natural South American tourist attractions. Sightseeing in Argentina varies from museums and monuments to mountains, glaciers, and beaches.

Before you start backpacking South America, make sure your travel insurance is up to date so you can enjoy your trip stress-free. Once that’s taken care of, you’re ready to explore the vibrant nation of Argentina. Here are five of the best natural attractions for sightseeing in Argentina.

#1 Iguazu Falls

Meaning “great waters”, Iguazu Falls is one of the greatest spots for sightseeing in Argentina. What makes it more interesting to see is its height, which is taller than Niagara Falls, and the sheer amount of water flowing over the cliff. The U-shaped Devil’s Throat borders Argentina and Brazil, where the mist rises up to 490 feet. A boat ride will take you closer to the falls and water lovers will surely appreciate it. To add more excitement to your journey, you can drop by and check out the wildlife and flora at Iguazú National Park in Argentina.

#2 Perito Moreno Glacier

An enchanting phenomenon, Perito Moreno Glacier attracts tons of people backpacking South America. Witness the one-of-a-kind natural spectacle of ice detachment, where the wall of ice breaks and falls apart thus becoming smaller pieces of glaciers flowing into the lake. Trails for trekking are provided for tourists to explore the ice formation of 250 square kilometers. If you have extra money to spend, you can have a glass of wine and dine in the restaurant situated nearby. Sightseeing in Argentina is best experienced at the cold yet overwhelming Perito Moreno Glacier.

#3 Tierra del Fuego National Park

Another destination to include on your list is the Tierra del Fuego National Park located west of Ushuaia. An adventure ride with the “Train of the End of the World” will take you to the park passing through the Pico valley and forest. The park’s famous Beagle Channel with islets, fauna, and flora is worth visiting along with the Beaver Dam, an incredible system actually built by the beavers. Lago Fagnano, the largest lake in the park, is another South America tourist spot you don’t want to miss. Take a walk through the lenga forest to the lookout point of Lapataia Bay.

#4 Monte Fitz Roy

Monte Fitz Roy - Sightseeing in Argentina

Seeing the icecaps of Monte Fitz Roy is best for those who love trekking. On your journey, don’t miss the Patagonian Ice Field. The granite peaks of Fitz Roy are highest in Los Glaciares National Park at approximately 3,300 meters. There are easy paths for inexperienced trekkers that would only take about two to three hours. You will not see 40 major glaciers in Fitz Roy but also lagoons, rivers, and lakes. You’ll spot some condors flying over the trails as well. Although hundreds of trekkers have attempted to reach the summit, very few ever made it to the top.

#5 Talampaya National Park

The archeological value of Tampalaya National Park is one of the top Argentina tourist attractions. This UNESCO World Heritage Site located in La Rioja is one of the highlights of backpacking South America. The main attractions of the park are the Lost City and the Tampalaya Canyon which brought the world immense landscapes shaped by nature through erosions and wind. The canyon has been the nesting place of condors and other wildlife such as the grey fox, falcon, vizcachas, armadillos, and more. The dinosaur fossils found in the Talampaya River were a huge contribution to the discovery of dinosaur evolution. The climate of the park is extreme; therefore, it’s best to visit it during spring or fall.

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