Ski Trip Destinations in the World

Top Ski Trip Destinations in the World

Holidays to ski resorts can be fun where you can glide across the snow trails with a spirit of adventure.  Good ski spots are determined by the terrain, the quality of snow, less crowded slopes, facility to learn skiing along with good eating and resting facility.

Snow in powder form is best to ski and everyone comes to a ski resort to enjoy the snow.  Skiing across the vertical heights and depths of mountains needs a lot of training. But otherwise, this sport can be learnt and much depends on the mountain terrains where one skis.

Zermatt, Switzerland

This is a village at the foothills of Matterhorn and it makes the best ski destination in the world. Winter is the best time for Zermatt skiing as it is when the Swiss Alps are covered with snow and surrounded by scenic beauty. Generally, the mountains are amazing trails to ski on both in summer and winter.

The slopes of Matterhorn are filled with both powder and corn snow which forms a delight to intermediate skiers when compared to advanced skiers.

Snowboarding can also be done on the high altitudes of the mountain trails in the Swiss Alps. You can stand by to relish delicious Swiss food in mountain restaurants after a skiing adventure in the deep valleys of Matterhorn.

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

It is a dream destination for skiers around the world with its towering glaciers, good quality terrains with a good deal of snow.

This resort is located near Vancouver and is famous for its powder snow and good infrastructure with the new lift-in facility.

The Alpine Mountains make an ideal ski destination for its natural snow-covered trails and deep ravines amidst an idyllic setting of picturesque scenery.

Lake Tahoe, California

Tahoe is a freshwater lake found between California and the Sierra Nevada. This lake which is surrounded by Alpine Mountains forms an excellent terrain for skiers across the world.

It is known for its beautiful scenic surroundings that attract a large number of visitors all around the year.

Many ski resorts can be found around the areas of Lake of North Tahoe and South Tahoe, where one can stop for good food and rest in restaurants and hotels.

Telluride, Colorado

It is a paradise ski resort of the San Juan Mountains famously known for its mining activity. Situated to the southwest of Colorado, its steep slopes provide good terrain for skiers to scale up to the vertical heights of the mountains.

Skiers across the world choose to visit this place in the winter months where one can find the Alps with a good amount of snow making the skiers truly enjoy their skiing adventure.

Innsbruck, Austria

One gets to have a taste of Austrian culture in the capital city of Innsbruck. The magnificent Alps of Austria offers a good skiing experience with its twenty-five ski resorts around the city.

The narrow Swiss slopes provide good terrain for skiers to enjoy their activity with powder ice to ski on. These resorts with its excellent infrastructure and trails make it famous all around the world for its winter sporting activity.

Niseko, Japan

Snowfall in Japan is attributed to large amounts of snow from Siberia. The Japanese snow is very good for skiing as it is dry and cold.

Japanese Ski resorts like Niseko are not only known for their winter sports but also for their well- known gourmet spread, the warmth of people and good accommodation.

It is famous skiing resort in the world due to its powder snow, excellent tracks and beautiful scenery to take a glimpse of.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Skiing in New Zealand is an enjoyable activity as the ski resorts provide a good infrastructure that comes with a very affordable range. Good fresh powder snow makes skiing a good experience along with fewer crowds at the slopes.

The ski resort in Wanaka, Treble Cone is famous for its heavier snowfall in comparison to the rest of the resorts and also offers excellent scenery and adventure to the skiers.

The good terrain of this resort makes it increasingly popular due to its excellent tracks for skiing and snowboarding activity.

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